26-28 April 2019

Contact Information:

Jim Lucas
Stubbedamsvej 9C
3000 Helsingør
Telephone: (+45) 22 62 03 99

Click here to send us an email.
This address can be used for all questions and communications, not just for booking.
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English is the SSI's "common" language, but individual conversations may take place in various other languages... Swedish (of course), Danish, German, Russian, Dutch, etc.


To book your place for the weekend, click here to send us an email. For non-email bookings or queries, see our Contact Info.

Monday, April 1, 2019 is our deadline for booking, because we need to plan how much food to prepare. But the sooner you can book, the better; we have beds for 28 people.

Note to beginners:

If you don't yet have a concertina or other squeezebox of your own, chances are you can borrow one during the weekend, but it's wise to contact us in advance if that's your situation.

Getting There Is Easy:

We first meet at a common location, then parcel ourselves into cars to drive out to Torna Hällestad. This year the gathering point will likely again be in the town of Dalby, about 5 km from Torna-Hällestad. We'll communicate the details to anyone who books.


By train or bus: Go to Lund Central station. Make arrangements with us beforehand, and you'll be met and brought to the gathering place. Or you can catch a bus in front of the station, which will take you to within walking distance of the meeting point.
By air: Fly to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup). Take the train to Lund. (Some trains go direct, others require changing in Malmö.) Or fly to Malmö airport and take the airport bus (Flygbussarna) to Lund. As above, arrange in advance to be met either in Lund or in Dalby.
By car: Contact us for directions.

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Price and Payment:

The price per person includes accomodation and meals from Friday supper through Sunday lunch.

For the past few years the price has remained steady at 650 Swedish kronor for the entire weekend (though what that amounts to in other currencies has varied a bit). Due to increased costs, we're tentatively raising it to 750 kronor for 2019. The final decision, coming later this year, won't be higher than that, though it might be lower.

Exchange rates have varied significantly over the past year, so rather than use current spot rates as a guide to equivalents in other currencies, here are the approximate limits of how that 750 kr varied in major currencies between July 2017 and July 2018: $83-92; €70-70; £61-73. (Exchange rate volatility tends to increase -- though unpredictably -- with international political volatility, so you should expect the actual exchange rates to vary as the SSI approaches.)

If you have a tent or a van you would rather stay in, that's OK, but you get no price discount for it. Neither do we offer reduced rates for anyone attending less than the full weekend.

When you book with us, we'll let you know about payment options.

Youth may contact us about a possible discount. Such requests will be judged on an individual basis.


Gamlegård is an old house belonging to the scouts. In the house we have 28 beds, two or three to a room. Blankets are provided; bed linens and towels are not.

Breakfast preparation and the various cleaning tasks are divided by consensus among all participants.

Note: If you find it difficult to bring your own linens (e.g., due to baggage limitations), let us know in advance. We can probably help.

Note: If you need accomodations for additional nights before or after the weekend, we can probably help you arrange that.


Our core menu is delicious vegetarian cooking, praised even by confirmed carnivores, though there will also be other bits on the side for those who can't do without.

Early rising volunteers among us prepare the buffet breakfast.

Coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks are generally available.

Note: Let us know when you book if you have any allergies or other special requirements, dietary or otherwise.