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Travel-related links:

  • Foreign exchange
    Swedish krona (SEK)
    These are interbank rates, so actual purchase of Swedish currency should cost somewhat more than the rates quoted.
       Check with your own bank for details.
  • Transportation
    Copenhagen airports
    Kastrup is the name of the airport.
    Malmö Airport (formerly known as Malmö - Sturup Airport)
    In recent years there have been many changes in service to and from this airport, and this will probably continue. You should regularly check each entry on their list of Airlines to see which cities they connect to.
    Skånetrafiken (in Swedish, with a "translate" button)
    Train and bus service in Skåne
    And here is a direct link to their Travel Planner in English. (Unfortunately, the lists of stops are only in Swedish, but if you're coming from Copenhagen airport, you should enter "Kastrup" in the "FROM" field and then select "Köpenhamns Flygplats Kastrup" from the menu of choices. For "TO", enter "Lund" or "Dalby", then select "Lund C" or "Dalby busstn".
  • Discount airlines
    Some excellent fares can usually be found on discount airlines, but where they fly from and to seems to change unpredictably. Airports previously served are often cut, while others may be added, and occasionally a previously cut airport may be returned to service. Also, many cheap fares disappear as the departure date approaches, so booking well in advance is a good idea. (A last minute booking could cost ten times as much as an early purchase.)
    Discount airline Norwegian is one of the few that connects to Malmö (though not from everywhere), as well as Copenhagen. But if you have a choice between the two, I recommend Copenhagen (Kastrup airport), because of the more convenient transportation connections. (The main train line stops right at Kastrup's main terminal.)
    Discount airline easyJet currently lists flights between Copenhagen and various cities.
    Ryanair's destination map seems to change from time to time. You'd best check their web site when it comes time to book your flight.
    Wizz Air
    Wizz Air lists connections between Malmö and several eastern European cities.
    SAS and others
    Other airlines also fly to Copenhagen from various cities. SAS is probably the best known, but if you plan to fly, you should check with each airline that serves an airport near you.

A few concertina-related web sites:

(I'm planning to expand this section shortly to include non-concertina squeezeboxes.)
  • Organizations and forums
    Lots of useful information, but especially the Forums (see next link). Forums
    This is the main place where the international community of concertina lovers communicate with each other. We talk about all aspects of concertinas -- history, construction, playing, etc., -- but we're a friendly bunch, so we often talk about other things, as well.
    Concertina Library
    "Digital Reference Collection for Concertinas".
    A repository of more excellent information about concertinas than you could possibly imagine.
    Chris Timson's Concertina FAQ
    For anyone who doesn't already know, "FAQ" stands for "Frequently Asked Questions", and a FAQ is an information source to answer those questions. Chris has done a great service to the concertina community in providing these pages.
    The International Concertina Association (ICA)
    Based in England, but with international membership, the ICA's main focus is not the internet, but they do have the above web site where you can learn more about their various activities and services.
    The home of the German Concertina Meeting, and also links to other German-language web sites.