About Us
We are Kadrejerne... in English, "The Bumboat Men".

A kadrejer (or bumboat man) is a local boatman, most often a fisherman, who sails out to trade goods with the sailors on passing ships.

The Danish word "kadrejer" is particularly associated with the fishermen in and around Helsingør (the Elsinore of Shakespeare's Hamlet), where merchant ships were forced to stop and pay toll to the Danish tax authorities. Waiting at anchor for the tax man to board, those on the ships were more than glad for a chance to trade for fish, spirits, and other local goods.

In performance we sing mostly shanties, though also other sea songs and even a few songs that don't mention the sea. Off stage with friends, we sing whatever suits our fancy. We have songs in English, Danish, and Swedish, and even a few in other languages.

We are:
Tom Hansen
Jan Ibenhard
ship's engineer
Jim Lucas
Svend Nyholm
Jørgen Tribe
Axel Vogt