Jim Lucas has been performing a variety of songs and music since the early 1970's, both as a solo act and in ensemble. If you want a special concert of Irish, English, or Scottish music, sea shanties, concertina music, or some other special genre, here's your man. But if given free rein he'll blend the lot and may include baroque music, original compositions, or Russian and Bulgarian traditional songs, as well. Since moving to Denmark he has also been adding Scandinavian songs and tunes to his repertoire.

Love song, lament, or lively polka, Jim uses the music to express emotion. When his song tells a story, he becomes as much a storyteller as a singer. His dance music is for both dancing and listening at the same time. And whether on a seaport pier, in an intimate cafe, in a school classroom, or before a crowd of 10 thousand, his attention to the audience insures an enjoyable experience.

Jim is known for his special interest in the concertina, in its various forms. He not only plays concertina, but has studied its history, construction and repair. He is especially interested in the stories of persons who have played concertinas over the years, whether professionals, amateurs, or back-porch squeezers.

Jim is also available for teaching the instruments (including voice) and musical styles he employs, and also composition and arrangement in traditional styles.

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