I play both tin whistle and concertina, but my "first instrument" has always been my voice. I often accompany my singing on the concertina, but I especially enjoy "sean nos", the old style of singing unaccompanied. I sing songs of all sorts... songs of love, songs of rebellion, comic songs, lyric songs, tragic songs, and the typically Irish "mouth music", which can be as good as a fiddle when one wants to dance steps or sets. On songs with a chorus, I'm most pleased if the audience sings along -- after all, that's what the chorus is for, -- but I won't try to force those who would rather just listen.

And the tunes? I play jigs and reels, to be sure, but there's far more than that to real Irish music... brisk marches and polkas, jaunty hornpipes, lyrical slip jigs, and emotional slow airs. I'm not a "band", of course, and that in itself is very Irish. The Irish today do have their bands (and I have been known to play in such groups), but the unaccompanied playing of a single instrument has long been considered the purest form of Irish music, and more than adequate for either listening or dancing.

The sound files are just short samples, intended to give a taste of the sorts of music I do.

If you like what you hear and would like to hear more,
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My telephone (in Denmark) is (+45) 22 62 03 99.

Tunes on tin whistle

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (463 Kb)
An Irish reel.

An Coulin (1629 Kb)
A well known "slow air".

Off to California (626 Kb)
A hornpipe.

3 jigs (1319 Kb)
3 jigs.

Unaccompanied songs

Some Say the Devil's Dead (634 Kb)
Mouth music, just for fun.

Old Woman in Wexford (550 Kb)
A humorous song of unhappy marriage. 2 verses with chorus.

The Hills of Mullaghbawn (849 Kb)
An old lament. One verse.

Songs with concertina

Johnston's Motor Car (830 Kb)
An Irish song: concertina intro, and 2 verses with concertina.
The full song is 6 verses.

Paddy West (632 Kb)
A popular sailors' song about an infamous Irishman in Liverpool.
One verse and chorus with concertina.

Molly Malone (795 Kb)
A song "everybody" knows.
One verse and chorus.

Rosin the Beau (1277 Kb)
An drinking song about a "well-loved" fiddler.
Intro, one verse and refrain.

Fiddler's Green (948 Kb)
This contemporary song has been thoroughly adopted by the Irish as one of their own.
Once through on concertina, then one verse and chorus.

Tunes on concertina

Saint Patrick's Day (270 Kb)
Of course! That's the name of this Irish jig.

The Sea Maid (888 Kb)
A sweet "slow air".

Harvest Home (1273 Kb)
A hornpipe well known even outside of Ireland.

Boys of the Lough (1079 Kb)
A reel. "Lough" means "lake".

Humours of Castlecomer and Road to Lisdoonvarna (2227 Kb)
2 jigs named for places in Ireland.

The Merry Blacksmith (897 Kb)
Another reel.

Maggie in the Woods (678 Kb)
An old Irish polka, twice through on concertina. .

The Musical Priest (664 Kb)
Yet another reel.

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