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I am Jim Lucas.

I was born and raised in America.
Denmark has been my home since 1995.

My interests are many.

Sorry, folks. No family history, autobiography, or daily diary. Although I enjoy performing music, I'm no exhibitionist in my daily life, but a rather private person. If you really want to learn more about me, check out my interests and activities below.

Vocation and Avocation
For many years, my principal livelihood has involved computers, and I eventually established my own independent firm, Lucas Solutions. In the past I've worked professionally in the fields of radiation safety, vocational training, and shop management. For a while in my younger years I even drove a taxicab in New York City. Especially in recent years I've also made money from artistic pursuits, including music, dance, and photography.

As you might guess, my avocational interests include these arts, but I have great curiosity and am generally interested in all aspects of the world around me, from cooking to quantum physics. If you're interested in learning more, check out the lists below.

This Web Site
This web site is under development, and probably always will be. From time to time I'll be updating it with new pages, new information, and even new designs. (At the moment I'm writing this, most of the items in the lists below do not have links to further information. One by one, this should change until most of them do.) In addition to being a means of communicating about things that interest me, this site is something of an ongoing experiment, where I intend to investigate web-site programming and design on various levels. If you're interested in what you see here, please check back now and again for updates, though I must admit that at the moment becoming a hotshot web developer isn't my highest priority.

A counter? A guestbook? Someday I might add a guestbook, but I doubt it. For those who want to contact me, there's a link to send me an email, but I have no great desire to display others' comments publicly, even if they're complimentary. As for a counter, probably not. Of course I'm interested in knowing how often people visit my site, but why should you care? I'm not running a popularity contest.

So, welcome to my web site.
If you find something to interest you, I'll be pleased.
If not, I won't be offended.

After all, if everyone had exactly the same interests, this would be a very boring world.

Major Activities Particular Interests General Interests

  • Music & Dance
  • Math & Science
  • Computers & Computer Software
  • Management
  • Cultures & Languages
  • Philosophy
  • Environment
  • Politics & Current Events
  • just about anything

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