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This web site is authored by Jim Lucas.
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This web site, and my own emphasis

My personal interest is in the various concertinas in the "English" family, i.e., the English-made instruments and those modern ones (not all made in England) following in the same tradition. This site is concerned primarily with this family, and on this site the unqualified term "concertina" will be used to mean only these instruments, unless otherwise specified. For those interested in accordions or German-family concertinas, I may provide a few links to web sites dealing with those instruments, but nothing comprehensive.

I am, however, interested in virtually everything related to the English-family concertinas: their history, their construction and maintenance, how to play them, persons who play or have played them, and the music they played.


I have done my best to see that the information on this site is correct, if not complete. If I discover serious errors I will correct them, but rare exceptions to general statements must be expected and should not be considered errors.

The site is currently "under construction", and far from its intended final state. Many links don't yet work, much intended information is not yet present, and I'm sure the appearance and flow can be improved. The design will probably change significantly as I learn more about such matters. But if you find something here that you like, please check back occasionally to see what may have been added or changed.


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